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General health checks with personal nutrition/health advice

Following an extensive intake interview we will provide you with an advice based on your personal details. This will include a personal nutrition advice, and also, if requested, natural remedies and treatment advice.

50 minutes € 65

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is a massage of the bare skin with the use of massage oil. This massage is recommended if you feel tired and exhausted or if you experience sore muscles after a long and busy day. Even if you feel 100% and energetically balanced, this massage is recommended to treat yourself and stay in balance.

25 minutes € 40
50 minutes € 65

Relaxing massage (30 minutes) combined with a general health check

90 minutes € 100

Hot Stone Massage

Body massage with hot stones. The effect is a deeper state of relaxation. Knots in the muscles are resolved more easily because of the massage and also because of the heat from the stones. Once a part of the body has been massaged, it will be covered in hot stones. The stones will feel like warm hands continuing to relax your body further

50 minutes € 65
90 minutes € 85


Treatment consists of putting pressure on the body of the receiver. The massage is done on the ground on a thin mattress (futon). You will be wearing your clothes during the treatment. Though, we advise you to wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Shiatsu is meant to restore the balance between body and mind, to resolve blockages in the energy flow and to optimise this flow throughout the body. Shiatsu dates back thousands of years and originated in China. It is a treatment of the body and the mind. Shiatsu improves the physical and psychological welfare and works preventively.

50 minutes € 65

Dorn-Breuss back massage

A sensitive, strong and energetic back massage.

St John’s Wort oil is massaged into the spine stimulating the healing of the vertebras. The nerves in the body will get more space and the back will relax.

50 minutes   € 65