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Tummers Wellness Residence & AloVital

At the start of September, 2010, Tummers Wellness Residence and AloVital, an institute for true vitality established by Susanna Taubitz, started a collaboration to offer you ultimate comfort during your stay in Valkenburg. This collaboration was started thanks to both companies having a wide selection of wellness products on offer.

Tummers and AloVital strive to make you feel at home. We work together perfectly thanks to our experience and expertise within the field of wellness. We have various treatments and packages on offer at Wellness Residence Tummers.

In addition to Classic Homeopathy, Metabolic Balance (nutrition advice) and Dorn Breuss (spinal massage), we offer Massage Therapy and heat treatments, and also a health check.

AloVital is Latin for sustainable ‘True Vitality’. The name embodies the goal of the treatments.

AloVital is an institute that aspires to achieve TRUE Vitality.

Since September, 2009, AloVital has offered a special product/treatment: Infrared heat therapy, which was developed by the Austrian company Physiotherm, and which can now be found at the Wellness Residence Tummers.

The Physiotherm infrared heat therapy technology is unique and is a perfect fit in our Wellness programme.

All treatments are soft, natural, deep and without any side effects.