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Hotel & Restaurant Tummers**** is the Golf Hotel in Valkenburg aan de Geul

In the vicinity of the hotel you will find a wide selection of golf courses. This makes this exciting city the perfect place for a few days of golf combined with a relaxing stay.

Golf & Countryclub Hoenshuis - Voerendaal
This 18-hole course with par-72 was designed by Baron Paul Rolin. The course spans 6,066 meters. The layout of the course is user-friendly. The course fits perfectly within the traditional Limburgian nature. The golf course makes smart use of the existing height differences making it so you are walking along covered hillsides at one hole and surprised by amazing sights the next. The course is mature and decorated with beautiful bushes and trees along the fairways, and various natural water challenges have been integrated.

International Golf Maastricht
International Golf Maastricht, the highest course in The Netherlands, is situated a good 90 meters above sea level. The beautiful sights of The Netherlands and Belgium make this golf course a true sight to behold. The differences in height and the water areas create challenging and unique signature holes. International Golf Maastricht was designed by architect Steven Marnoch, who perfectly integrated the 18-holes into the characteristics of the landscapes in the area.

Golf Course Het Rijk van Margraten
Golf Course Het Rijk van Margraten is a beautiful NGF-certified 18-hole course combined with a 9-hole, par-3 course. Het Rijk van Margraten is located between Maastricht and Cadier en Keer, and is surrounded by country, vineyards and old forests. South Limburg is the only place where you can play a course with height differences of at least 50 meters. The large differences make sure the second 9-holes are a real challenge for every golfer, while two water areas ensure the first 9-holes are just as exciting.

Zuid-Limburgse Golf- & Country Club Wittem
Golf Club Wittem is one of the most beautiful course in The Netherlands. It enjoys unique surroundings with forests and hillsides. The course was designed by the renowned Hawtree agency. The first 9-holes were classically designed in 1956 while the second 9-holes were added in 1992. Together they form a challenging combination of forest holes and accidented terrains with amazing views. The extraordinary, natural location of Wittem brings a sense of calmth. You will only be able to hear the birds, no cars, no train, no planes. And the distinctive clubhouse has a great view of the tri-border area.  You will experience a true sense of enjoyment!

Golf-Residence Brunssummerheide - Brunssum
In between the nature areas Brunssummerheide and the Schinveld forests you can find a 45-hole golf course, which is unique for The Netherlands. The area is filled with conifers, broadleaf trees, lakes and large water areas. Some of the tees are at surprising heights and give the course a very distinctive feel. You will also find plenty of animals around the course, from birds of prey to various species of small game. Golf lovers from all walks of life visit Brunssummerheide to accept its challenge.

Golf Course Brunssummerheide covers an area of 110ha. and has something for every player. The 27-hole championship course, designed by Joan Dudok van Heel and later by Bruno Steensels, is a real challenge for the experienced golfer! The very accidented golf course is not only surrounded by forests but is also extremely varied.

Brunssummerheide has a fun and exciting 9-hole compact course (5 par-3 and 4 par-4) for golfers with some experience. Beginning golfers or those just wanting to play for fun can enjoy the 9-hole par-3 course. Equipment rental is provided.

Brunssummerheide offers various practice facilities for lessons or practicing. There is a large covered driving range. And you can use various practice greens for chipping, putting and bunker hits. You can also book golf clinics for groups of 10 people or more, taught by PGA professionals. The clinics are finished with a real 9-hole competition on the 9-hole par-3 course.

Golf & Country Club Henri Chapelle (Belgium)
This fantastic course, located right in the heart of Plateau van Herve near both the Dutch and the German border, has three golf courses: 1 x 9-hole course and 2 x 18-hole courses. The course is situated in the hillsides, which makes the fairways an exciting challenge for international golfers and will mesmerise you with its breathtaking views.

Haus Kambach Golf - Eschweiler (Germany)
Just across the German border you will find a golf course in the beautiful hillside of Eifel. The perfect location makes Haus Kambach Golf in Germany one of the courses where people can play most days of the year. The 18-hole course was designed by architect Dieter R. Sziedat.